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DCC provide Occupational Hygiene Services and focuses of the following exposure monitoring services:

  • Illumination/Lighting
    • Artificial (night-time) illumination surveys;
    • Day time illumination surveys;
    • Emergency illumination surveys;
  • Hazardous Chemical Substances
    • Employee exposure to hazardous chemical substances, including dusts, fumes, gases, mists and vapours;
    • Gravimetric analysis of airborne dusts and fumes;
    • Analysis of air, water and soil samples for pollutants and chemical composition;
    • Evaluation of the air purity from compressed air systems for airline breathing apparatus.
    • Area exposure zoning for proper PPE the area as a respirator zone where the measured concentration exceeds the recommended occupational exposure limit;
    • Provide medical surveillance for exposed employees.
  • Ventilation and Indoor Air Quality
    • General building ventilation surveys;
    • Indoor air quality surveys;
    • Sick Building Syndrome investigations;
    • Efficiency of laboratory fumes cupboards, extraction ventilation systems and paint spray booths.
    • Noise and hearing conservation
    • Assessment of potential noise exposure;
    • Carry out a noise survey by an Approved Noise Inspection Authority;
    • Rating of noise in the working environment for hearing conservation purposes;
    • Clearly demarcate noise zones where the noise level is at or above the 85 dBA noise rating limit and plot results on noise plans;
    • Personal noise dosimetry for hearing conservation purposes;
    • Environmental noise surveys for health, land-use, annoyance and speech communication purposes;
    • Provide medical surveillance for employees exposed to noise.
  • Ergonomics
    • DCC conducts ergonomics assessment in consideration of the job activity being done and the demands on the user, the equipment used (e.g., its size, shape, and how appropriate it for the task) and the information used (e.g., how it is presented, accessed and changed). DCC will assist with the evaluation of workplace design, layout and work heights, tasks and job analysis.